10 November 2012

Fashions On The Field

Caulfield Cup is an exciting day of racing, however for me the whole day involved fashions on the field rather than horses. There were many rounds for the women's 18-40 age group, so here are some of the looks. 
You can view more of the photographs from the day on the facebook page here.
 Pictured above: the 3 finalists for round 2

Pictured above: the 3 finalists for round 3

Pictured above: the 3 finalists for round 4

Pictured above: the 3 finalists for round 5

After the 5 rounds, all finalists went on to the final which also included the 3 finalists from the Caulfield Cup preview day a few weeks earlier. It was a tough decision for the judges to make, the panel including the beautiful Jesinta Campbell. 

The final group of contestants gathered for photographs before the winner was announced. The prizes included some amazing products and vouchers for brands available at Chadstone. Both the runners-up also received great prizes for their effort. 


  1. I think the girl in the first photo won on cup day, i remember seeing her on tv :)


    1. yes you're right she did! I watched on tv that day because I couldn't make it. she wore the same outfit so I realised straight away, great for her :)


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