22 September 2012

Chadstone Runway B

To continue from my last post, here's the second Vogue runway from Chadstone vip night last week. The looks were divided into the same trends as the first runway but showcasing different brands from Chadstone.

Runway B

City luxe

1) Witchery, Wittner shoes 2) White Suede, Wittner shoes 3) Saxony, Wittner shoes 4) Cue, Wittner shoes 5) Country Road, Wittner shoes 6) Cue, Wittner shoes 7) Saxony, Windsor Smith shoes

Graphic print

1) Forever New, Wittner shoes 2) Cue, Wittner shoes 3) Decjuba, Aldo shoes 4) French Connection, Wittner shoes 5) Saba, Wittner shoes 6) Portmans, Wittner shoes

Urban nomad

1) Gorman, Steve Madden shoes 2) Ksubi from David Jones, Aldo shoes 3) Witchery, Steve Madden shoes 4) Ksubi from David Jones, Steve Madden shoes 5) French Connection from David Jones, Steve Madden shoes 6) Gorman, Steve Madden shoes

Cobalt blue

1) Bettina Liano, Tony Bianco shoes 2) Ksubi from David Jones, Nine West shoes 3) Bettina Liano, Tony Bianco shoes 4) Bassike from David Jones, Nine West shoes 5) Kate Sylvester from Myer, Nine West shoes


1) Forever New, Windsor Smith shoes 2) Thurley, Windsor Smith shoes 3) Thurley, Windsor Smith shoes 4) French Connection, Windsor Smith shoes 5) Portmans, Windsor Smith shoes 6) Thurley, Windsor Smith shoes 7) Witchery, Windsor Smith shoes 8) Forever New, Windsor Smith shoes

Strong elegance

1) Lover from David Jones, Windsor Smith shoes 2) Portmans, Windsor Smith shoes 3) Thurley, Windsor Smith shoes 4) Portmans, Windsor Smith shoes 5) David Lawrence, Windsor Smith shoes 6) Portmans, Windsor Smith shoes 7) Marcs, Windsor Smith shoes

Age of romance

1) Witchery, Windsor Smith shoes 2) Sass & Bide, Tony Bianco 3) Forever New, Santini shoes 4) Karen Millen, Thurley shoes 5) Alannah Hill, Tony Bianco shoes 6) Lover from David Jones, Tony Bianco shoes 7) Leona Edmiston, Tony Bianco shoes

I really enjoyed the whole night and was lucky to get a good seat for both runways! Hope you've enjoyed the photographs. My favourite designer would have to be Thurley, all the pieces are amazing.


  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog, your photos of the runway are amazing I didn't get many good shots so it's great to be able to see it all here. I love that 1st dress under graphic prints is it from forever new ?

    I's awesome to see other girls blogging about whats going on fashion wise in Melbourne, you have a really great blog I've just become one of your followers I hope you visit my blog again :)

    1. yes that one is Forever New :)
      I went and tried it on because I love the print, I ended up buying the skirt instead and wore it yesterday to the Caulfield cup preview.
      you can find the photo on my twitter or facebook.
      thanks emma x

  2. cute pics,

    I just followed you on friend connect,

    Would love if you could do the same



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