26 September 2012

Vogue Style Workshop

Last weekend the Vogue style workshops were held at Chadstone, styled by the lovely Penny McCarthy. Decked out in a printed Witchery suit, Penny showed the audience how to simply change up an outfit by adding one new garment or a few accessories. 

The stage included a little dressing area, where Penny styled models right in front of our eyes to show how quickly a look can be dressed up or down. The area included beautifully fitted blazers, metal accessories, statement necklaces and lots of shoes, all of which are available at Chadstone. 

One of my favourite pieces is the gold peplum blazer by Thurley, which Alice actually ended up wearing to the Caulfield Cup preview we attended on Saturday. You can view her post with photographs I took of her here.

All these looks fit into the same trends which were featured at the Vogue Chadstone runways which I posted about here and here.

They also added a racewear category into the mix which I was pleased with.

I'll have more racewear looks to share with you soon from the Caulfield Cup preview.

You can view all the photographs I took at this event on my facebook page here.

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  1. This looks like such a good event, I love all of these outfits but especially that gold peplum/waterfall jacket! amazing!!




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