31 August 2011

Must Have Miu Miu

So technically today is the last day of winter...but this is Melbourne so I'm not expecting to be able to walk around with bare legs tomorrow (think I'll stick to my skin coloured tights for now if I want that look).

Considering that all our seasons are opposite of those overseas, I usually take inspiration from their current runways and try fit it into our weather.

It has everything I love. Bold floral prints. Wide shoulders. Collars. Navy. Structured coats. Big buttons...ah how I love vintage looking buttons.

14 year old Hailee Steinfeld is the recent face of Miu Miu which wasn't surprising since over the award season she wore mostly Miu Miu or Prada.

Here she is in the campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 RTW

I think I'll do a post soon about looks inspired by this collection because I don't think many of us can ever afford Miu Miu.

ps. the only part of the collection I dislike is the use of real fur...I didn't include any of these looks in this post. I don't think it was necessary for the collection to be 'glamorous'  

19 August 2011

Online At Last

This week there happened to be two major Aussie fashion brands finally branch out -  by opening their online stores! I'm talking about Portmans and Forever New. I often visit the sites and pleased both brands decided to have online stores, makes it that much easier to view the range than flicking through a lookbook.

Portmans new online store - view here

It's great that both brands have online stores now because we can finally view sale items! Before we could only see new or full price items through the lookbooks.

It's good to see these stores branch out into the online world, also considering other major brands have been for a while now. I guess in these times where a lot of shoppers are hitting up overseas retailers online, they need to be in a position where they're accessible in the same way.

I actually never buy clothing online, it's not easy when sizes differ so much from each store and style. You have to know a stores sizes very well to do it. Think I'll stick to books and accessories for my online purchases. If I really like something then I'll go in store and try it on.

Forever New online store - view here

I find online stores as a great place to compare items in each store from the sale prices to the colour and cut. It's definitely worth checking out a few places before making a purchase when there are so many variations of similar items around. Honestly I used to be a massive 'browser' in stores but since working during a lot of retail hours...I find I don't have as much time to look at 10 stores before buying something. Online stores means I can browse when it suits me (which is usually at 1am)

Features from Forever New's online store include
-selecting a certain collection to shop, while also viewing the lookbooks
-colour palette selection
-price range from cheapest to most expensive

Also, to celebrate the new store opening Forever New is offering free shipping for the month of August.