30 June 2011

Zara Opens Its Doors

On June 15th I found myself with the morning off work, so I decided to check out the opening of Zara on Bourke street. I've never had a chance of shopping at Zara overseas so I kind of wanted to find out what the fuss was over. I've had a look at their online store before but was interested in seeing what the Aussie range would look like...and find out how the prices are! since I had heard so many people say it was good quality and pretty cheap.

The line was surprisingly quick, considering I heard at the Sydney opening people waited for hours to get in...and I was inside within 10 minutes.

I think being around exam time contributed to the numbers, a few friends I spoke to had wanted to go but had exams on the same day.

When I left at about 11am the line was ten times longer. Ah Melburnians, I know we love a good sleep in :)

I tried to be strategic with my outfit choice because I didn't want to wait in lines forever if I can just throw something on in the corner. Yes...I did get half naked in Zara, I'm so classy.

I thought it would be best to wear a skirt with a top instead of a dress, so I could easily try things on by pulling them over the top and stripping down. Am I the only one that thinks about this kind of thing? I put them with this snuggly khaki knit and cute floral tights because of Melbourne's cold.

With my cousin Ashlee.

After all the time I spent in the store, I ended up only buying one dress. The sizing was a little odd and a lot of what I liked was very small. It also wasn't as 'cheap' as people have made out. The dress I bought was labelled as a large, which the lady said is an Australian size 10. However when I tried a medium size skirt on it was actually loose at the waist...so I haven't been able to work out the sizing.

I bought this lace cream dress for $69.95 in the TRF section.

Were any of you more successful on your trips?

9 June 2011

The Navy Dress

this navy dress...the dress I've wanted for a while now. you know the one. that dress you look at and think about for weeks until you finally buy it.

Although for us shopaholics... sometimes it's not just a dress. It could be a warm knit, a pair of great shoes, a skirt, coat...anything.

For the last few weeks for me it was this navy pleated dress from Dotti that I've had my eye on. I finally bought it last week.

Dotti mini pleat belted dress $69.95

I was pretty pleased to find out that Chadstone VIP night included 20% off full price at Dotti. I was able to grab it for $55 instead of the usual $69.95...hey, every little bit counts.

I only have a few navy pieces, which have all been bought recently. I'm starting to really love wearing navy instead of only black. Also the fact that its pleated = love.

Worn with Sportsgirl necklace, tights and bracelets.

Bracelets, glass stretch set $19.95
Tights, baroque back seam tight $16.95

Sportsgirl Warrior necklace $29.95