22 December 2010

Little Black Lace

If you're like me and love the show Fashion Police you'll know what I mean when I talk about their section 'Gotta have it or make it stop' where they discuss if current trends are hot or not (by the way if you don't watch the show, get on it!). This week the hosts discussed lace and it seems they all agreed that it's great when done in the right way but some just don't understand how to make it classy and hot rather than trashy or old lady.
They agreed that the romantic looking lace is lovely and definitely a must, however skanky and tacky lace is a no no.

If you don't have channel E then check out the article on lace on their website here. The good part about the show is unlike other US shows that air down here months later...we get it hours after it's on!

We saw lace quite a bit throughout this year and I have a few lace dresses I bought myself months ago, however it seems lace isn't leaving us anytime soon since a lot of designers have included it in recent collections as well as celebs working the look (and some not working).

Emma Watson in Rafael Lopez at the Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part one premiere

I think she looks great and the look would of been completely different on another person. Having the bra showing wouldn't of worked with someone with double Ds because they would of looked far more trashy than elegant like Emma. Plus she has the short hair now...so I think she needs to have sexier looks like this so she doesn't look butch.

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino at the All Good Things premiere
I'm not really feeling this look on her..I don't know if it's the sleeves or the top worn underneath but it looks too old on her. I understand she didn't want her boobs hanging out like they had on the runway..but couldn't she of just picked another dress from his collection?

Here's the look when it was on the runway for Valentino Spring 2011 ready to wear collection, the whole collection can be viewed here.

Valentinos Spring 2011 RTW collection was filled with lace dresses. One of which, Jessica Alba recently wore to the Trevor Live Event.

Jessica Alba is looking sweet in look 25 of the collection. I'm glad she didn't wear tights with this one...she needs to show a little skin.. and I'm sure Justin Long agrees.

The same look on the runway

 Stella McCartney's resort 2011 collection includes various lace looks. A few are shown below.

This is my favourite look from the collection. It looks more youthful and fun, I love the colour and the one shoulder. 

Me in a black lace dress I bought around June/July...seems l might still be able to get away with wearing it.

worn with sportsgirl necklace and bracelets

Sportsgirl Deco lace dress $149.95

I love that this lace makes such a statement since it's so bold compared to the usual floral lace.

Valleygirl lace frilled dress $14.95

Dotti Vixen lace stripe top $39.95

If you don't feel like wearing black lace, here's a couple of options

Sportsgirl lace jacket $89.95

Valleygirl lace sleeveless top $9.95
White lace gives a romantic look which is great for summertime.

10 December 2010

Pretty Pleats Please

Designers are being inspired by Fortuny's famous gowns from the early 20th century, using pleats in brightly coloured fabrics and flowy shapes. Pleats are being used in the same way as classic Fortuny dresses as well as some designers modernising the styles, to make them suitable for this season. 

Natalia Vodianova in a vintage Fortuny gown.

Stella McCartney used pleating for various looks in her Spring/Summer ready to wear 2010 collection, mixing them with prints, ruffles and modern shapes like one shoulder dresses and deep v tops. 

Above, Natalia Vodianova walking in Stella McCartneys spring/summer 2010 show. Natalia sure does love pleated dresses.

More looks from Stellas collection using pleating.

Stella McCartney's whole Spring/Summer 2010 collection can be viewed here.

Other designers are also using pleating in their current collections. Versus used pleating in the majority of their looks for the Autumn/Winter ready to wear 2010/11 collection which all can be viewed here.

 Versus satin tuxedo mini dress

 Versus pleated satin skirt (Look 1)

Silk satin and chiffon mini dress (Look 4)

Leighton Meester in one of the dresses from Versus Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection (Look 14)

Leighton Meester wore this dress from the collection 2 weeks ago at a herbal essences event which she is now the ambassador for. I think she looks stunning and it beats her other recent fashion choices by a mile. One of those which happens to be from the same Versus collection, although it didn't have the same effect.
Leighton in look 2 of the collection a few months earlier.
I definitely love the first one more. The cut outs of the second are just a bit much and even though she is tinyy I think it is too short.
But her hair looks nice... good work herbal essences.

Other celebs who also recently wore dresses from this collection include Kim Kardashian in look 29.
I'm not really into this one..the dress doesn't fit her right at all. Just look at the size of the cups! They're like half the size of her actual boobs, so it looks like it doesn't fit and she does not look comfortable. Also I think the velvet looks heavier than normal when put with those dark tights.

Retailers have caught on to this trend and including pleat details on their garments. 

UK store Topshop have grabbed onto this trend and included it in various looks. 

Grey shimmer pleat skirt babydoll dress by Topshop (AUD $88)

Foil pleated mini skirt by Topshop (AUD $56)
Pleated print dress by Topshop (AUD $120)

Topshop print pleat skirt by Marios (AUD $352)

Topshop large pleat dress by rare (AUD $78)

Aussie stores near you, where you can buy these looks.

Sportsgirl rumba dress $129.95
This dress comes in sunset (above) and also black. Comes with a tan buckle belt, not the one photographed. 

Review siren dress $279.95

Bardot pleated staker skirt $69.95
 Bardot pleated swing top $59.95

2 December 2010

Coral Is Heating Up Summer

I'm loving that coral has been popping up everywhere lately. After us having the longest winter ever here in Melbourne I can't wait to start wearing warmer colours. 

Rachel Roy included coral in some of her pieces for the 2010 Resort collection out earlier this year, it seems the colour has finally made it down here in time for our warmer months.

Most stores have some sort of coral coloured pieces for this season, so there's a lot of options for styles and prices.

Here's a few pieces currently in stores -

Sportsgirl Trifecta mini dress in coral $99.95

This dress has pockets at the front and a mid v back. I love when dresses come with surprise pockets, makes it a bit more interesting.

Forever New Abrianna frill racer back dress $79.95

 Valleygirl Zip front party dress with ruffle detailing $14.95

I like zip details on almost anything and this price is basically a steal.

Sportsgirl Ella's tee in coral $39.95


An option if you want to wear coral in a casual way. 

Bardot Frill playsuit $69.95

Blake Lively in Suno wide leg pants in summer coral from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, for the first episode of season 4 of Gossip Girl, filmed in Paris.

Personally, this is how I would not wear coral. I like the colour but it's better suited for other pieces. Bright coral along with the widest leg pants I've seen since Rachel Zoe's makes them look a bit clownish. I would usually say that Blake Lively can look good in anything and she looks amazing but I find these a little unflattering. But hey, atleast she IS wearing pants. Maybe we should blame Gossip Girl though. I'm sure some people love these but I'm not feeling it.