13 April 2011

Wedge Booties

I haven't ever owned wedges before but for this winter I decided to trade in my high heel boots for cute wedge booties! oh so comfy. 

I bought this pair at Santini by Windsor Smith - $99.95. I happened to grab them during the Doncaster VIP day which had 20% off full price at Santini..yay!..so I got them for $79.95 which I was pleased with. 

Only a few days after I bought this pair, while I was working I took more notice of our wedges..and decided to buy a camel pair as well.

Sportsgirl India crepe wedge in camel - were $99.95 now $69.95


  1. Hey Maddie, what a nice comment! Thanks for reading my blog :) I love both pairs of boots you bought....are your heart tights from Sportgirl? If so I think need to go buy a pair immediatley...please don't tell me they're from asos/Urban Outfitters/somewhere overseas :p x x x


  2. no problem :)
    I wish I wasnt so lazy and would blog more lol..todays the first time I've been on in a while. I'll do a post in the next day I think. I don't know how you have time for uni, work and blogging! my god.
    yes ofcourse they're sportsgirl :) haha almost everything I own is from sportsgirl.. :P thanks xx

  3. Mhmmmmm I love these shoes!! :) Anddd yesss I actually have time now to do a photoshoot! We need to think of ideas, locations...etc etc yeeee! xxx



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