25 May 2011

My Little Makeover

In the past month I've bought a few bits and pieces to help tidy my room. I'm really messy and if I don't have a proper space for things..I end up not putting anything away (resulting in my fantastic floordrobe).

Half of my clothes no longer fit inside my actual wardrobe..so I got my hands on this rail to hang my knits and skirts.

I was surprised to find this cute jewellery hanger at Target. It's great for my extra long necklaces and I loved the script font.

These wooden coat hangers are from The Reject Shop, which means they were pretty cheap! (of course I would much rather spend money on more clothes than on coat hangers)

Can you ever have too many bags and scarves? I don't think so...but I did need somewhere to put them all...apart from on my door handle which made it impossible to use. 
I bought this bag tree at Big W (with a very old Coles Myer gift card I found when I was cleaning out my room...I love when that happens :P)

Once I'd sorted out my bedroom, I decided I needed to change something about myself too...so I impulsively cut my hair last month! I haven't ever had short hair so it's been a nice change.


  1. I'm jealous of all this organisation. That jewellery hanger is cute. Love the hair too. I'm thinking of getting a similar cut, but still umm-ing and ahh-ing about it.

  2. aw thankyou :)
    you should just do it! the more you think about it, you won't. I didnt think at all..it was about midnight and I cut it myself the second I decided haha.. I'm not usually that impulsive.

  3. your room is very organised! good on you! my wardrobe is about to burst, i really need to do something about it haha

    thank you for dropping by and your comment! the ring displays are great - my rings are still all neat :)

    great haircut btw, i just got a dramatic one too!

    x Lauren youronlyblackswan.blogspot.com


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