20 March 2011

Forever New Pop Up Runway

As most of you probably know, this week was the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.
Tuesday I popped by the sidewalk Forever New show at Fed Square.

This Autumn/Winter collection was introduced as 'enchanted princess' and was inspired by ballet. The show opened and closed with dance performances to music from Swan Lake. 

Here are a few photos I snapped.

The ballet inspiration can easily be seen in the tulle skirts, lace details, beading and feathers. 
I like that they also had some stronger looks in the collection (instead of it all being inspired by ballet dresses) like the fitted blazers and the jackets... and it's good they threw some denim and prints in too.
The colours are all very typical of Forever New, sticking to neutrals, cream, grey, pinks and a little black. Forever New is always pretty and honestly, these colours make up most of my wardrobe but I have heard a lot of people say that their clothing never changes which I think is kind of true. They may have different cuts and styles depending on the season and current trends but generally they have the same colour palette. Is it good to be consistent if it works or should they change things up sometimes?

If you want to see more photos of the collection they can be viewed here.

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