14 March 2011

Mad About Tights

I've been going crazy for all the tights around lately. I seriously can't remember the last time I wore pants.

I love statement tights!
There are so many to choose from...or if you're like me just buy them all.

All of these are currently available at Sportsgirl and can be found here under the hosiery section.

Floral net tight $16.95

I bought these babies today. I've been wanting them for a while because well...they're floral. love.

Bow fishnet $16.95

I like that these kind of have a mixed message... yes they're fishnets but they also have cute little bows. So they sort of have that good girl vs bad girl thing that so many singers seem to sing about.

Femme fatal tight $19.95

When I first wore these my mum described them as an 'architectural structure' and said they look like iron lace...and now I can also kind of see how they look like the details of a building.

Heart tight in nude $16.95

I bought these last month and I've already worn them to death. Every time I wear them someone compliments them or asks me if I'm even wearing tights...since apparently at first glance they look like hearts stuck to me haha.
The flash made them look shiny here but they're not.

I liked the heart ones so much that I decided to try the black sheer pair as well.

Heart tight in black $16.95

I can't decide which ones I like better now.


  1. so many pretty tights. the first time I wore my heart tights they ripped. was so bummed.

  2. I understand completely. its like a little part of me dies when they get a run or rip :P
    luckily all of these are ok at the moment...but I've gone through 2 pairs of the nude heart tights.

  3. live the hearts tight in nude! very cute. :)


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