4 January 2011

One Piece Wonders

I used to associate one piece swimsuits with being a little kid and running around in ones my mum made for me in 90s prints

I never would have thought in my older years I'd want to go back to the one piece after spending years tanning in bikinis...however I recently bought myself a one piece and I love it! One piece swimsuits have been everywhere this summer and they look a whole lot different now. There are so many cute and sexy options for younger girls that I gave in and just had to buy one. I'm happy to wear a bikini but it's good to have another cute option for us not model thin girls.

Von zipper floral island one piece $99.95

I bought this one from Osmosis at Chadstone last month while looking for a new bikini for the summer... but I fell in love with this one. I'm obsessed with floral prints and decided I shouldn't hold my feelings towards bad 90s swimwear against it. I loved the print, the zipper detail at the bust and the cut out, which makes it seem more like a two piece from the back (all at the same time as hiding my Christmas belly)

Every swimwear brand seems to have atleast a few one pieces in their current collections.

Megan Gale's swimwear line Isola is filled with cute one pieces.

I love this one, pretty print + colours and the frill makes it so feminine.

You can buy items from the collection at Swimwear galore and some at David Jones.

Swimwear galore has so many great brands available and you're able to view them online. Here are all the cute one pieces they have.

Their one pieces include retro styles, strapless, prints, frills and ruffles, sexy cut outs and anything else you can imagine.

Some of my favourites

Contrast mesh one piece by Ada swimwear $119.99

These swimsuits are cute but it's fair to say not everyone can spend hundreds on bathers (I know I shouldn't be!) so here are some for a little less.


  1. lovely swimsuit. I too, haven't worn one piece since junior high. due to my consciousness of my will-be-obvious-bulging-belly if I wore it hahaha.

    Wish I could wear one now though envying what you have on =), but the weather here in Melbourne has been oddly cold right?

    ps:was that you as the lil girl in the first 2 pics? cute!


  2. haha yeah it is me..in a swimsuit my mum made for me. thanks :)
    yeah it's been so cold its horrible, the only chance I had to wear it so far is when I went away over christmas. I wish I could go to the beach! I bought it a month ago and theres been barely any warm days where I can wear it :(

  3. These look very comfortable, sexy and the colours are really nice.

    bikini swimwear


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