26 January 2011

Retail Therapy

I haven't done a post lately because it seems all my time has been spent either shopping ...or at work helping other people shop (where I also tend to buy a lot for myself). The last few weeks have been filled with my post Christmas purchases and items for my new year wardrobe. I even needed to purchase a chest of draws from Ikea, having filled my whole wardrobe. Every time I clean out my wardrobe...I seem to make more new purchases than those I'm getting rid of!

There are always a lot of sales this time of year and I can't resist. But I think of it as buying myself late Christmas presents after I've spent money on family and friends.

Here's a few of my recent buys.

Valleygirl dress for only $19.95 - it has lace at the back which you can see here.

Sportsgirl slouchy cardi in camel $59.95

Sportsgirl spooky pooky owl necklace $16.95

I thought the print on the dress was cute and it was so cheap I couldn't not buy it. I love the pearl eyes of the owl, kinda freaky but somehow cute at the same time.

I thought it was time for new black heels I can wear with anything since they never last me long (note to self: don't fall down stairs at a club in my new heels and ruin them)

Betts Suzie Platforms $76.95 from $109.95

Sportsgirl Ruffle Pocket Dress $89.95

I love paisley and it's not very common in formal dresses... and ofcourse I love the pockets.

Sportsgirl jumper - Intarsia pullover $79.95
- worn with vintage pendant

Glassons denim shorts $29.95

Sportsgirl Tilly's Lace Shirt in slate $89.95

worn with Sportsgirl hope necklace (old)

Dotti Dita Strapless Dress $49.95 from $69.95

Dotti had a one day sale last week where it was another 50% off sale items so I actually nabbed this dress for only $25.

I also found this cute skirt for only $15!
Now it's $29.95 and was originally $49.95
Dotti Bow Front Skirt

Worn with Bardot top from Myer $29.95

Sportsgirl Sunnies $39.95

Sportsgirl Tribal shirt tail skirt $79.95

Sportsgirl Intrepid necklace $24.95
At first I wasn't sure about this skirt because I've never really worn long skirts and wasn't sure if I liked it being longer in the back (what Kelly Osbourne would call 'the mullet dress') but I think this one grew on me because I really like it now.


  1. Out of all your buys, I love the Sportsgirl jumper! It's more of a winter thing, but its not too early to shop for it right? :)
    Haha and to the photo - I don't know if its photoshopped (the photo is froma friend) but poladroid gives it an affect aswell. It is amazing though xxx


  2. Wow, so many new purchases. That jumper is so cute... not that I am ready for summer to end yet!

  3. thanks yeah I love the jumper and I've been able to wear it a few weeks ago on windy days but it's been far too warm lately. but thats ok because I love summer! the only thing I like about winter is all the awesome clothes :P

    Mel I don't think it's too early to buy winter things. most of our new stuff thats come in this week has been for winter! it comes out so early. stock up I say.

    ..and is it bad that this isn't even all my new stuff? lol


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