29 May 2013

Viva La Juicy

Viva La Juicy is a sweet, fun and youthful scent which is one of my all time favourites. I used my left over bottles and boxes to create this product display for our visual merchandising subject.

My notes for the Viva La Juicy product display:

Target market: Viva La Juicy is from the brand Juicy Couture which is aimed at young modern women. The target market for Viva La Juicy specifically would be even slightly younger from ages 15-25 years old.

Pattern of display:

Triangle: a rise has been used to create a slight triangle shape which draws the eye level up, shows off the product more than being flat

Overlap: elements in the display overlap slightly which brings them together as a group, the eye continues throughout the display

Steps: steps have been created with the use of books as a rise that gradually heightens, with the product displayed on top

Zig zag: a zig zag shape has been made between the product displayed on the book rise, the eye jumps between, bringing the eye upward

-   hot pink being the main colour used for the product, it’s designed to attract attention of young, feminine, independent girls which love the unique bottle with the big pink bow
-   the bottle appearance also coordinates with the sweet smelling scent
-   the touches of gold are to add richness and luxury to the brand
-   here white is used to act as empty space, to balance out the use of bright colours
-   together the use of pink, gold and white creates a strong sense of femininity, youthfulness and excitement

Display style
-   the style would be considered to be a trend display style
-   based on its use of current colour trends and young target market, its creating an exciting and colourful display which is visually appealing

-   the backdrop created for this display is bold yet doesn’t distract attention away from the featured product with its use of white as empty space as a balance
-   the bold stripes were working off the idea of slightly quirky and representing a carnival inspired appearance, coming in to checks at the centre to confuse the eye and create an illusion 

-   an asymmetrical balance has been used with the main product display box on the left side being balanced with the different shapes of the separate levels on the right side

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