10 January 2012

Festival Brights

I spent New Years Day at Summadayze, a music festival here in Melbourne.
It was an amazing day full of great music, friends and hot weather! Bright colours felt suited to the mood of the day.

I'm wearing (on left) Sportsgirl dolly bustier in teal, suzi printed skirt.

I bought this red satchel for the festival, it's the perfect size because it holds enough without being too big for the mosh pit! Plus...I have a red obsession at the moment.

 Summadayze, it's all about the colour explosion!



  1. You look great! Wish I had tickets to this! X

  2. Aaaaah you make me want to chop my hair off =)Looks like you had a great time.

  3. These are cute photos. Looks like you had fun!

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  4. Love your blog!
    would you mind following each other on bloglovin? :)

    Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk

  5. Classic combo with the bustier and printed skirt! You pull it off really well

    thanks for checking out my blog :) Fellow sportsgirls unite! haha
    Have you gone to roadshow/winter preview yet? So many amazing things to look forward to!

    xxo Baz from little-ladylove.blogspot.com

  6. lovely blog:)

    if you want,follow me and I'l follow you too!


    Silvia in FashionLand


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