1 September 2011

Sportsgirl Beauty

This week the new range of beauty products arrived, it was an exciting day! I had a go at the testers and fell in love with the new body exfoliator scrub. It smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft, I had to buy it right away.

Sportsgirl scrub up body exfoliator $9.95 which you can buy online here or in stores now.

The new body range also includes a hand creme, body shimmer, body wash, sunscreen and body butter. You can view the whole body range here.

I'll have to get the mango body butter soon, it smells so good.

This week we also got in the new lip colours for the pout about it range. 
I usually wear quite a subtle lip colour, so I decided to go bold and bought the red. Here I'm wearing bombshell which you can view here.

The new colours include coral, fuchsia and watermelon. The pink and nude were also brought back. The coral is currently available in stores but not online.

I already use quite a lot of Sportsgirls beauty products, they've all been really good and they're well priced compared to most cosmetic brands.

From top left, nail it ballerina, nail it strike a posie, nail it milkshake, scrub up body exfoliator, face glow, body glow, butter dream body butter, brush, pout about it bombshell, draw the line eyeliner, bronze me.

In this post I'm wearing a Dotti dress, thrifted cardi and Sportsgirl necklace and watch.

Speaking of beauty, today is the first day of 30 days of Fashion and Beauty, taking place through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You can view the events here.
Alexa Chung is currently in Sydney as the ambassador of the event. Ah I love her!


  1. ohh I love your hair cut,,, you look wonderful!


  2. thankyou! it used to be really long, its been short for almost 5 months now and I'm loving it this length. so easy too.

  3. i loveeee miss chung... and your little bob is perfect!

  4. thanks :) it really does mean a lot because I cut it myself! haha and I'm not at all a hairdresser.

  5. you sure do hv tons of beauty products, yes? they're loveeely ;) & i heart your haircut too much ;) looks perfect on you.


  6. great makeup tutorial/review! and great to see a fellow aussie blogger :)

    now following :)


  7. Hi I just found your blog!!! I have to say you are absolutely adorable!! Love you haircut ;)

    Im following for sure !

  8. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this outfit!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???


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